For You

The Idea

'For You' was one of the first songs I started writing for 'Throwing & Catching'.'For You' is about longing for acceptance, finding it - and the joy that it brings. The narrative of this one is quite complex. It's about two types of unrequited love, and how perhaps, together - they can both be reciprocated. I was really interested in the idea that a 'God' has created us and loves us, but we turn our faces away from him - an idea that runs through most religions. So this song has a 'God' talking to a guy saying 'why don't you love me?', whilst that guy is talking to a woman he's been in love with for years, but never told, saying 'why don't you love me?'. Then he realises that if he loves God, it will open him up to be able to tell that woman he loves her. I'm not sure the real world works like that but it's a nice idea. It's actually the narrative of the Jim Carrey film 'Bruce Almighty' but I realised that afterwards.


I love writing duets. 'Mother' (one of the bonus tracks on the album) is also a duet. I love experimenting with different combinations of voices, which is something that I do a lot on 'Throwing & Catching'.

With this song, it's about two very different characters - basically 'God' and 'Man'. Perhaps hesitantly, I am the 'voice of God' for this song... and I knew as soon as I started writing it that I wanted Duncan Abbott to sing the other part. Duncan is a friend of mine and an amazing musician and songwriter in his own right. I love his voice, and it conveys the exact character that I'm trying to get accross in the song.


Here's a selection of very early sketches.

This is a full demo I made of the track, around May 2016.

Reference points

Sam Carter’s music has been an increasingly big influence me, especially in terms of his songwriting and guitar playing. 

Peter Gabriel’s ‘New Blood’ was the first album that really got me into orchestration. As a result, I began doing some of my own orchestral and string arrangements - such as the one on ‘For You’.

Album Version

'For You' is on my new album 'Throwing & Catching', which will be released on Tuesday 21st November.

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