Ready Or Not

The Idea

'Ready Or Not' was written during a really tough time last summer. It's a song about grief - but from the perspective of the person that's died; it's about a man grieving for his grandson from the afterlife, wherever that may be. He's saying 'I am going to find a way to be a part of your life; death isn't going to stop me'. I am really, really proud of this song. It was the first creative thing that came out of that really horrible situation, and it sounds exactly how I felt.


Peter Gabriel is a big influence of mine, and his song 'I Grieve' was an important referencing in capturing a sense of grief.

Reference points

This song had a really interesting process in terms of arrangement. I wrote and recorded the song at the same time - by myself  (with my Mum contributing some extraordinary backing vocals) in my bedroom in Gloucestershire, within the space of about 2 or 3 months. I planned for that particular recording to just be a demo, and then I would put the song to my band when I got back to Leeds in September. The demo you can hear above is that demo as it was at the end of August 2016.

However, as I started jamming it with my band, I found that I had got really attached to my original demo - a classic case of demo-itus. However, it was kind of more than that - the demo was made in such a weird, horrible time, and it contained all of that for me. I found myself with a really strong emotional connection to that particular recording.

So, after quite a bit of deliberating, I decided to give the logic project containing the original demo to Tim (the producer I worked with on this album) for him to polish up and make sound as good as it could. I would then set about making a different version of the song with my band.

I released the original demo as a double single with a song called 'Mother' in February 2017, before recording a new version with my band for 'Throwing & Catching'. I'm very glad I made two versions, and I like them both. You can hear both versions at the top of this page.

Album Version

The new version of 'Ready Or Not' is on my new album 'Throwing & Catching' - due for release on 21st November.

The new version features my amazing band, as well as some tracks from old demo - such as my Mum's phenomenal backing vocals.

You can pre-order the album here

John Metcalfe's music was a reference for many of the tracks on this album, especially in terms of how I used textures.

Steve Porcaro's album 'Someday/Somehow' was on all the time when I was writing this song. It helped me through a really horrid few months. I took influence from it in all sorts of ways on 'Throwing & Catching', and this can definitely be heard on 'Ready Or Not'.

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