Free Christmas Workshops!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all surviving/enjoying the run up to Christmas.

I am in the middle of my assessments at the end what has been an incredibly challenging, and absolutely wonderful, first term of music therapy training. 

However, for any of you Yorkshire folk… next week, I am doing three completely free, Christmas-themed songwriting workshops around Kirklees. They are open to everyone…. just turn up! I am visiting Dewsbury, Rawthorpe & Dalton and Batley. You can find all of the details here.

These Christmas workshops are a real highlight of this time of year for me now. I spend a bit of time in schools working with classes who want to craft their own, original Christmas song. It’s a wonderful opportunity for kids to work together on something, negotiating a process and, particularly, thinking about what Christmas looks and feels like from the perspectives of their classmates. I have had some really wonderful experiences in these workshops; seeing kids who often opt out of other areas of the curriculum really getting involved, and even performing in front of their classmates. 

You can listen to one of last year’s examples here.

‘It’s Christmas Go, Go, Go!’ came from a group of around 15 children from different classes in Key Stage 2. One of the really unique things about that particular workshop was the fact that the kids got to work with children older and younger than them. I think you can hear how much fun they had!

I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas… I hope you manage to get a bit of a break from whatever is your norm!

I am looking forward to sharing some new music just as soon as the New Year gets going.

See you soon.