A list of Henry Bateman Albums and Songs to purchase


  • A Ghost Inside

    Album released September 2021

  • Hide & Seek - Album by henry bateman

    Hide & Seek

    Album released February 2019

  • Throwing and Catching by Henry Bateman

    Throwing & Catching

    Album released November 2017

  • Ghost Is Live - Album

    The Ghost Is Live

    Album released September 2020

  • Open Arms - Album

    Open Arms

    Album released April 2013

  • Take A Form - Album

    Take A Form

    Album released June 2015


  • Seinfeld Street

    Single released May 2021

  • When you choose single track by Henry Bateman

    When You Choose

    Single released August 2020

  • If your heart is beating single by Henry Bateman

    If Your Heart is Beating

    Single released November 2018

  • Received In Me

    Single released in August 2017

  • Ready Or Not/Mother

    Single released February 2017

  • Should I?/How A Man Should Be

    Single released November 2018

  • Seaside

    Single released September 2018

  • Something Over Me

    Taken from Henry's fourth album 'A Ghost Inside'.

  • Definition


    Single released July 2021