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I specialise in classical and acoustic guitars. At the age of 18, I achieved 98% in the grade eight classical guitar exam, and continued to study classical guitar as a secondary study during my time at Leeds College of Music. I'm currently studying for a fellowship diploma in acoustic guitar. I teach classical, acoustic and electric guitars to all ages as one-to-one sessions, and also run several classical guitar ensembles. I run ensemble workshops and seminars in acoustic guitar around the UK. I'm very flexible and lessons will be tailored to your interests and goals! I teach in person in and around Leeds, and also on Skype or Facetime. 


'Throughout the day many of the pupils told me how much they were enjoying the song writing and they were very thankful for the opportunity to write and record a song with their peers. The pupils were engaged, inspired and able to achieve far more than I'm sure they imagined they could at the start of the day.' - head of music at St Francis School, Malboroough, where Henry ran a songwriting workshop for year seven and eight students.

In 2018 I graduated from Leeds College of Music with a first class honours degree in popular music composition. I write and release my own material, write songs for several other bands, and have participated in many commercial songwriting camps around Europe. In 2018 I travelled to Pescara, Italy to participate in the groundbreaking 'House of Europe' project, writing songs with Nigerian Refugees about their experiences. I'm also a member of the 'Songwriting Studies' research network.

I run a huge range of songwriting workshops - these include one-to-one sessions, workshops in schools, summer camps, and evening classes. 

The content of any given workshop depends on the participants, and what they would most like to take away from the session. For example - some songwriting workshops, especially those for children and those who are new to songwriting, will focus on creating one or several songs during the course of the workshop and will often involve an element of recording and/or performing. These workshops are much more about the experience of creating something from start to finish. However, other songwriting workshops, especially those with more experienced musicians, or with GSCE or A Level pupils, can focus on the more technical side of songwriting - providing ideas for the participants to take away and use themselves. I'm very flexible and able to mould the workshops to suit the needs and wishes of those I'm working with; no two workshops are ever the same.

Below are several recordings created as part of workshops I've run with children between the ages of 7 and 14. The objectives of these workshops were that the groups of children wrote and recorded a song in a day. 'Summer With Friends' and 'If  Only the Branches Knew About Brexit' were created with two different groups of around 12 children as part of summer camp I co-ran in Summer 2017. 'Summer Storms' was written and recorded in a day with a group of Year 8 children who were taken off timetable to participate in a workshop that I was co-running.

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'I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful day (my son) had on Friday.  He says it was one of the best holiday activities he has ever done!' - parent of a child who attended one of henry's summer songwriting workshops

'I am new to music - I've only been playing guitar for 3 years and had learnt chords from books and the internet.  After a workshop with Henry, he taught me how chord structures are formed, how and why to change key, how to compose with chords, how to find rhyming words,  and how to use these words for impact. He opened my eyes, gave me confidence to perform at the folk club and then showed me how to master barre chords! A great workshop and a great tutor.' - adult songwriting student

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