6 Hour Albums: Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek

Hello friends, 

I hope you’re all keeping well out there.  

As I prepare for the release of my new record, and also for the universe of gigs to get going again… it’s dawned on me that I’ve forgotten how to play most of my songs. So I’ve devised a plan: I’m going to re-record each of my previous three records, but only giving myself six hours to do each one. This is going to allow me to to get my fingers and vocal chords back into some of my older tunes (some which I’ve not played since recording them), as well as just being a good exercise for my brain’s elasticity.

I’m looking forward to getting back into some of my old songs and re-exploring them in a different way. I’m not going to be precious about the recordings; most of it will be live, with a few added textures here and there… all done from my music room here in my house where I’ve spent a great deal of the last year. 

The finished product will be a podcast featuring the recordings and also some chatter from me about the tunes. The first podcast, in which I revisit my third album ‘Hide & Seek’, is available for your listening pleasure below.

I don’t usually get that enthusiastic about looking back, but delving into these tunes again is revealing itself as a very enjoyable exercise.

Stay tuned folks – I have a new album coming you way over the next few months that I could not be more excited about. Roll on May.  

See you soon.  

The First 6 Hour Album Podcast: Hide & Seek