Marathon-Running & A Demo

Hi everyone.

I hope you are well and good.

I am excited to be releasing another track from my new record in a few weeks time. I was planning on just putting the album straight out there, but I am excited by the artwork that’s developed for this particular track, so I am prolonging things just a bit more.

On 14th April I am running the Manchester marathon in aid of Pancreatic Cancer UK. I have not run a marathon before…. I ran a half yesterday and – let’s just say – my legs aren’t functioning as they should! Injuries aside, I am really enjoying the process of training… it’s good to be outside so much. There is also something in the endurance that’s required that I think creeps into other areas of your life. I think it’s helping me to relax into long-term goals, perhaps better than I do otherwise.

My wife lost a family member to Pancreatic Cancer last year. The survival rate of this particular cancer is horrifying. So I am hoping to raise some money for the research around this disease and the support of those living with it.

Times are tight… but if you can spare a few quid, any doncations are valued greatly: Just click here!

I’ve had some really nice comments about my new track ‘It’s Not Easy To Be Your Friend’. I thought I would share the demo I originally made for this tune, back in April 2020, when I was working the material that became my ‘Splendid Isolation’ album….it takes me back to those first months of lockdown.

The song didn’t feel right for that record, but I came back to it when I started working on this new collection of material in September 2021.

You can also check out the final version of ‘It’s Not Easy To Be Your Friend’ right here.

Wishing you all good weeks!

See you soon.