Real World – Out Today

Dear friends,

I hope you are well; Happy Easter to you!

Today I am releasing a new song ‘Real World’. This is the second track on my new album ‘Don’t Love With Your Mind’, which I am releasing on 3rd May. 

This song sees me working with the great Pete Redshaw on drums for the first time. I have admired Pete’s playing for many years, especially his work in Peakes; so I was really pleased when he agreed to play on my new songs.

This song deals with my experience of mental illness, as does a lot of this record. Specifically, it’s about OCD, and the way in which it turns your mind into a prison. It’s a lot less abstract, and more ‘to-the-point’, than some of my previous work. I wanted to find that feeling in the music, and turn up the intensity as far as I could. 

It’s the first album that I have written, produced and mixed myself. This less collaborative approach is not my natural state of working, but I think it helped me lean into intensity and has probably served these particular songs better…maybe.

I feel that some of these new songs are less accessible, a bit darker and texturally more chaotic, than some of my recent work. Maybe I’m overthinking that, though. So – to anyone who listens – I am hugely grateful. This was an important record for me to make. I learnt a lot in the process; both about music and myself. 

I look forward to hearing what some of you folks make of it!

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