It’s Not Easy To Be Your Friend

Today I start to gradually release album number six with a new song ‘It’s Not Easy to Be Your Friend’.

You can stream it on your platform of choice, or download it on bandcamp. Just click here!

The guts of this song was actually written about four years ago, in one day, when I was working on my ‘Splendid Isolation’ project. I liked the song but shelved it as it didn’t feel part of the sound world that I was gravitating towards at the time. 

I started an MA in music back in September 2021, and knew I wanted to explore electronic music much more than I had in the past. This song immediately sprung to mind as a solid playground through which to get to know some new technologies and ways of working. 

This new album ‘Don’t Love With Your Mind’ is, sonically, very different from anything I have put out in the past. In places, it is dense, electronic, chaos. The songs are, I think, probably the most viscerally honest I have written. Largely, this album deals with my own experience of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, something which has really convulsed over the last few years. 

Overall, it was a far less collaborative effort, featuring just a handful of other (wonderful ) musicians, in contrast to my previous records where I’ve struggled to fit everyone on the liner notes. This is the first record that I have entirely produced and mixed myself too, which I found to be a challenging (in the best way), and hugely satisfying experience. The honesty of the songs, and the fairly isolated process, has lead to a record that I think it quite intense, but is hopefully a real journey. Although I am releasing this song prior to sharing the entire record, my hope is that people engage with it as a whole. 

I’ve been sat on this record for well over a year, playing with the order of the tracks and deciding which of the many songs I worked on during this period should be included. I am looking forward to it finally being out in the world and people being able to listen to it.

Over the next few months, I will also be releasing demos and other bits and pieces from the long and winding roads these songs took. You can follow this here on my website, which, along with my mailing list, will soon be the only place I post stuff… social media is going to be a thing of the past for me.

I am really proud of this tune and hope you enjoy it!