You Make Me Happy

You Make Me Happy

Hey gang. Hope you’re all healthy and managing to keep on going out there.

Today we’re putting out the fourth and final video from my new live record ‘The Ghost is Live!’… which lands on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, my website, and everywhere throughout the known digital universe next Friday.

This is a new tune which will be featured on my forthcoming fourth studio album ‘A Ghost Inside’ (which, in other news, is being mastered as we speak). This song is still mysterious to me, and for a long time it was one of my real highlights of our live set. It’s also got one of my favourite on-stage moments with Frazer (on the bass)….. get to the end, it’s worth it!

‘The Ghost is Live!’ is my first ever live album and is released on 18th September. We recorded it at The Corn Exchange, Leeds last December with the wonderful band that I’ve made my forthcoming studio album ‘A Ghost Inside’ with too. Featuring some old songs in new clothes, some songs from my new record, and some other bits too… I really can’t wait to share this gig with you. We also filmed the gig, and on each Friday leading up to the release I’m sharing one video of a tune.

You Make Me Happy

Thanks, as always, for you love and support for my music. Heading into the studio tomorrow to embark on a completely different project. Feel very grateful to have so much music going on at a time that’s so dim for so many people. 

Keep well folks.